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This project is actually from a year ago, but I had been waiting to post it. Then I admit, I forgot about it. However, I feel passionately about the work that I did. Back in Spring 2018, I took ICOM 299X: Experimental Development Topics. This class was for my Digital Media Minor and its merging with the Emerging Media Design and Development minor.

For this merging, my professor wanted us to:

  • re-evaluate the classes that were important for the minor
  • the goals that students should reach
  • concepts they should comprehend,
  • and skills they would be able to carry into their future careers – no matter their major!

This was such an experience for me, and I treasured the moments I could take charge and move forward. With experience in some web design, sound design, and photo design, I could use various Adobe products. As a Creative Writing major, the Digital Media minor has expanded my capabilities more than I could’ve ever imagined. So the chance to work on the minor itself and make an impact was a dream-come-true.

So, I was in charge of creating some instructional/informational video content on topics relating to storytelling and how it could be connected to Digital Media concepts. I also had the honor of constructing a basic prototype for a Digital Media website. This website, in its first form, didn’t fully match with the BSU branding, but the information was correct.

The goal of the website was to provide information on the minor so that any person – BSU student, faculty, someone from another school, or a random peruser – could read, understand, and potentially be intrigued by the minor. Additionally, it needed to provide some ideas of how other majors could utilize the skills learned through the minor. So it took some creative thinking and stretching the mind on how other majors could use web design or app design in their business environments. Ever thought about how a nutritionist may use an app for their small business? It’s a good way for their clients to document their meals, or a way for clients to learn more about eating habits and corrective measures to improve their every-day life. It could also be another means of the nutritionist communicating with their client.

Thinking about this basic question – how can another major so far out of the way of technology or some of the concepts – still be interested and use what they’ve learned? How can I get their attention and get them interested?

That’s what I was tackling. And I have to say, I enjoyed every moment. This project gave me a new vision of digital medias, their production, and their impact on the world. I’ve been maintaining and fine-tuning my skills the best I can with a busy schedule. I’m not as good with video or editing, but I’m excited to learn in the future. Web design in definitely at the top of my list of favorites, with sound design being in a close second.

I’m excited to see where this passion goes, and hopefully in the future I’ll have the chance to work with more digital media design in my workplace. Till then, I’ve included the content I could find from the project.

Website Prototype:


On YouTube:

Classic Storytelling Structures
Develop a Cross-Platform Story
Transmedia Storytelling
Support a Cause or a Problem

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any tips for software, programs, etc – let me know!

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