Under the Sea – A Professional Writing Business Package

Hello, friends! Under the Sea was a mock-business I developed in Spring 2019 for my Professional Writing minor. The big project was developing a mock-business, a the business logo, a brand, an overarching brand video that introduces the business, and an app which correlates with the business.

Rather than choose a business such as a car dealership or a design corporation, I wanted to do something more light-hearted. I’d recently done an analysis on Alice’s Tea Cup, a tea house based in NYC. I loved the fantasy elements they’d included in their atmosphere and brand. I wanted to develop my own business with that same fantastical feeling. Thus, the mermaid entertainment company Under the Sea was born.

Our Logo:

First and foremost, we were tasked with creating a noticable and recognizable logo that would carry across our platforms and documents. I used Canva to create my logo:

Under the Sea logo

Our brand statement:

Second, we had submitted a brand statement. A brand statement is meant to shrink all your thoughts about your business mission, values, promise, and character into a concise statement. This statement defines what you do, how you differ from all other similar solutions, and what you pledge to consistently deliver.

Our brand statement is as follows:

“Our vision is to blossom, expand with more mermaids who can participate in events, coordinate with companies for charity events, and spread the magic to other parts of the United States. But that is not our only vision.We want to spread awareness of environmental issues affecting other regions of the world and the wildlife in our oceans.”

For the business package, brand statement, and audience analysis, see here.

Our Business Video:

Next, we were asked to create a video presenting much of the same information as the business package document. In this video, I included multiple mediums, including videos of mermaid performances, music, the brand logo, animations, and myself (acting as Founder and CEO) discussing the Under the Sea’s goals. This was perhaps my favorite part of the business package project. I’d done little video work (creating and editing) prior, so this was a wonderful learning experience. I experimented with music, timing, editing, sound edits, etc.

You can view the video here:

Under the Sea – Brand Video

Our Website:

Next, we were asked to compile all of our information – our brand, our goals, etc. – and draft a website for our business. I used Wix, which made design easier but more interacted and flowing. I really got to expand and build the magic of Under the Sea on the website! I developed statistics, services, the mermaid profiles, and even a “Customize Your Mermaid Outfit” option to create a special service that could interest the audience. I really delved into the project because it could combine my love of fantasy and creativity with the professionalism of the company.

You can visit Under the Sea’s website by clicking here.

Our Mobile App:

The final piece of the business package puzzle was the app. With Under the Sea being fantasy-based and geared towards a younger audience, I wanted a game app rather than somthing for scheduling events or just being informational. I wanted something that was fun and educational! I proposed an app where youth could learn more about recycling, play matching games, and match-up games. But, this game was designed for both young boys and young girls because anyone – literally anyone – can love mermaids and their lore.

The app mock-up was made with Google Slides for easier viewing and to show the initial app designs. Many free app-building programs that I attempted using didn’t quite allow for the designs and functions I envisioned. However, I loved designing the storytelling and features for the app, including theorizing the expansions and future upgrades the app would go through.

To see the app mock-up, click here.

Closing Thoughts:

This business package project increased my love of design and thinking outside the box when it comes to brands. I’m also eternally grateful to my professor, who helped me pursue this mock-business idea, rather than pushing me towards something else. Under the Sea gave me a new passion for fun businesses and finding new ways to incorporate fun elements into businesses. It expanded my design horizons, and showed me how important a business’s brand will make an impact on an audience.

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