Final Fall Semester of a BSU Senior

Last week, I completed my last Fall Semester at Ball State University. It was an emotional semester. Busy but good. I didn’t have as many busy-work classes and I found myself without a drop of stress when finals week came (weird, I know). I took courses in: Document Design, Senior Seminar (meant to reflect on your future at BSU and how it’s helped you move towards the future), Literature and Gender (enlightening), and Archaeology and Culture (online and was a fun random class that took me away from my English). They were all good classes, though I admit sometimes my online class threw me for a loop. Nonetheless, I passed all of my classes and emerged with great grades, new ideas and concepts, and victorious!

I also concluded my final semester as a member of the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band. This band has meant so much to me; it gave me my first friends at BSU and gave me a safe, happy place to de-stress. I made so many memories and grew as a leader and better person. This season was so amazing (great people bring much happiness). I never found myself wanting to cry from frustration or shaking with fury. Instead, I enjoyed every moment (yes, even the time we stood out in pouring rain with no instruments and had to sing our parts instead)!

I developed my leadership skills as a section leader for two years, and had wonderful co-section leaders both time. I still may not be the prime candidate for teaching music, but I have grown. Some may shrug off marching band as easy, but I assure you – it isn’t easy for people to learn multiple sets in only one day, learn to play music they’ve only seen a couple times previously, piece them together so you don’t bob or miss a step-out without missing a note or trill, and finally, keeping perfect posture and making the form look perfect so the picture forms. There’s a LOT for each member to do. And that’s on top of the stress of game days and classes. Managing members who may not know what’s going on any given day can be a lot of pressure. But I persevered and grew closer to my section members, and I cherish every memory.

My 2019 Saxophone Section (Fellow Senior Aaron Manning and I are the ones crouched in the front, chirping)

This semester got busier as I took on two freelancing positions, one at Hope For Women Magazine and with The Commercial Review based in Portland, IN. Both work with my schedule and help me grow as a writer. I’m finding my passion in journalism writing, integrating my creative writing knowledge with the factual APA style necessary. Starting in the Spring Semester, I’ll dive even further into these two magazines. Hope For Women Magazine has agreed to take me on as an Editorial Intern (AGH!). The Commercial Review will assign me more stories as time rolls along. I cannot express how thankful I am for these opportunities to grow as a writer, doing what I love.

On top of my journalism career, I’ve been writing creatively as well. I admit the beginning was rocky, but recently I’ve found a new passion I wish to pursue. ASMR – hear me out! I’ve only recently begun watching YouTuber videos on this phenomena. ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, is still a relatively new creation. It describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when he or she watches certain videos or hears certain sounds.

But I’ve been thinking – what if I can write ASMR? I don’t mean the videos – I trust the pros for that one. But what if I could write short stories that can simulate the feelings or have “triggers” in them? So, I’ve started my mini project of short stories. I’m not planning to publishing the short stories individually; I don’t think they’d thrive or do well separately. That being said, I’ve decided once I have completed my stories, edited them again and again (and again x10), I’m going to explore self-publishing. So stay tuned for news on this ASMR project in the future.

In SUPER exciting news, I’ve made fabulous progress on my fiance and I’s wedding planning. We’ve set our date for August 9, 2020 in a nearby town. We’ve secured our venue (ceremony & reception in the same location). It’s beautiful, quaint, and in perfect distance for both sides of our families. It’ll be even more beautiful when August rolls around. We’ve chosen our theme (don’t laugh) — Superheroes & Comic Books! Originally, it started as a joke. I’d ask over and over what he thought we should do, and he’d always say “Marvel vs. DC, duh.” So, I did it! I made a Pinterest board and all, found so many cools ideas and it grew. Then, when I showed him, he laughed and said “It was totally a joke, but this is awesome. Let’s do it!”

So, here we are today! With our comic book flowers, superhero postcards in place of a guestbook, wedding edition comic books of our favorite superheroes, comic book heart confetti for the tables, superhero name plaques for the tables, cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, DJ contracted, wedding dress purchased, bridesmaids dresses purchased, and more. I’m about as prepared as I can be TBH, but it’s been such a blast (maybe I missed my calling). I’m so excited for the day to get here; I love this man with all my heart, and every moment I spend with him is perfect. And he’s been working so hard at his new job so we can make our wedding day be magical and perfect.

It’ll be even more magical because we plan to go to Disneyworld in Florida for our honeymoon! We’ve got a plan too. We love two YouTube Channels: Yesterworld Entertainment and Defunctland. Both of these channels discuss the history of theme parks, special attractions and shows that have since been changed or closed. We’ve made a list of numerous rides we wish to find, little Easter Eggs of the past. We still need to secure our plane, hotel, passes and all, but that can come just a little later!

Other than all these things, life has been average. I’m mentally preparing to face the “adult world” as it’s dubbed. I’ve got one more semester – ONE MORE – and then I become a Ball State Alumni. I’ll actually be able to attend a BSU Tailgate!? Ludicrous sounding. Then I’ll find a job somewhere, and pursue my writing career wherever I go. I’m so excited of how I’ve developed here at Ball State, the accomplishments I’ve made, and the bonds I’ve formed. So, I’m ready for my next and final semester!

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