There’s a Map For That

Another Ball Bearings article, and this one hit close to home: it’s called There’s a Map For That!

Digital navigation has changed the way people travel. But what happens when the technology fails? This article covers the history of maps and navigation, how navigational technology has altered the way peoples’ minds work when it comes to travel.

There’s a Map For That also follows the story of Maegan Ackerson, a senior Ball State University student, who drives 14 hours from Trophy Club, Texas, to Muncie for her education. Maegan has admitted that she does depend a lot on her GPS. She can drive the first six hours without, but the remaining journey, she must have the GPS’s assistance.

And it’s not just Maegan; GPS has changed the way many people navigate. Personally, my navigational skills are sub-par. I can navigate certain areas or to specific destinations without a GPS. But unless I’ve repeated the same track multiple times, I require the GPS. So the times when my GPS lags or I no longer have service, I panic. This feeling is shared by many others my age who cannot use a real map.

This article was both reassuring and eye-opening!

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