How Familiarity Endangers Desire

Would you be surprised if I said that the closer you become with your partner, your desire decreases?

For my latest article, How Familiarity Endangers Desire, I researched Esther Perel and her written pieces on this subject. Her research focuses on how in a relationship, there is a longing for both familiarity and mystery. We desire to know our significant other like a close friend; but in doing so, we lose some of the distance necessary for desire to grow. This informational piece explores Perel’s research and other for statistics on this phenomenon. Additionally, I researched advise that can help couples who find themselves facing this difficulty.

Perel advises distance, viewing your significant other with an air of mystery. When attending an event, step away from your partner and view them as a stranger immersed in something they love. View your partner doing something they love. One of the key moments when we desire our partner is when they exude an air of confidence and self-sustainability.

I am very proud of this article. There were multiple bumps along the road in writing this piece, but it was a wild adventure. Please take a look to see the fruits of my labor, and learn a thing or two about this topic!

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