Blossoming on Stage

Evan Schacherer

Today, another of my articles was published to the Ball Bearings website, titled “Blossoming on Stage.” This story was originally going to be a second portion to “Families You Choose”; however, Evan’s story deserved it’s own spotlight appearance.

Multiple times, Evan was willing to discuss their feelings of insecurity, internalized homophobia in opposition to their sexual identity, and their introduction to the stage with drag. This article explores their difficulty fitting in with other young men, embracing their sexuality in high school and band, immersion in Spectrum as the Vice President, and their love for drag. I had met Evan prior to this article, and they have truly blossomed in the time I’ve known them. Evan’s drag identity, Holly Berry Blossom, is magnificent and a true icon for others. Writing this article was eye-opening and fun!

I learned much along the way. Hearing the difficulties other people face even from their families is difficult to hear, but I was humbled that Evan was willing to share their story with me. It is difficult to open up about insecurities and problems, especially in the family life.

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