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During this summer (May 2019 till August 2019), I worked at my loved David Owsley Museum of Art as a Public Relations and Marketing intern. For this internship, my primary goal was writing posts for the blog.

It was interesting to take a step away from my position as a guard, and analyze works of art. I connected works of art to current events on campus, activities the community could partake in, and encouraged other interns to write their own experiences.

Over the course of the summer, I produced seven blog posts for the DOMA Insider. These blog posts included the following:

For each blog post, I went through the museum’s research on the subject, and I conducted my own research. Personally, my favorite posts were “Hungry Dream Eat: Baku” and “Why is Silverware Considered Art?” I’ve always been a fan of Asian mythology, and it was neat to learn more about the underrated decorative arts.

From this experience, I learned a lot about blogging and the style. For the museum, I needed to appeal to a wide audience. I can’t directly view the people and their profiles, but I can see age ranges. I could view how many people visited each page of the blog website per day. Based on the number of views, I slowly developed a better writing style.

Overall, I’d say this internship was successful. It was a good experience to learn the blog style, sifting through what would be crucial information, and how to reach an audience. Particularly honing the information to a specific point was a good skill to learn so it wasn’t excessive, providing a quick and easy read for website visitors.

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