Life as a 2020 College Graduate

Putting it frankly, it’s confusing.

As someone who studied Creative Writing, I knew the job market would be rough once I graduated. I worked hard to learn what I could, cultivating my craft in my digital media minor and professional writing minor. With both, I thought I would have a larger pool of options. However, once Covid-19 hit, the job market naturally hit a rock bottom. This, to someone who feels the job market would be tough already, terrified me.

I spent the first few months of quarantine doing my classwork, keeping on top of my grades, and also editing my first published novel (keep an eye out for my post on this). I passed all my classes with great grades, and celebrated graduation with a visit from my mom, my fiance, and my future in-laws. It was very nice, and while I would’ve enjoyed the ceremony, I wasn’t concerned that I didn’t get the full BSU pomp and circumstance.

Much of May and June I spent editing my book and scanning for jobs. I had an interview for a journalism position, which sadly I didn’t get offered, but the experience was worth it. I completed my novel, having completely changed the plot, many characters, and the ending. Overall, I was elated to have completed it. When the Mighty Fall is now officially available on Amazon for Kindle for $2.99! Read my newest blog post to learn more about it!

As for my job, I did get one. I currently work as a Bridal Stylist with David’s Bridal in Castleton, IN. While it certainly isn’t in my field or degree, it has been enjoyable. They’ve been understanding with my hours, and the pay is relatively good. While I do drive an hour each way, I pay maybe $40 in total each week for gas. So far, it’s worth it to keep. However, I’ve begun looking for a more permanent position for a few reasons. One, I’d really prefer a position that relates more to my degree. This could be publishing, journalism, blogging, communications, public relations, etc. I’d be interested in anything like it! Reason two, the drive is fine right now; however, once winter hits and ice storms begin, the interstate will no longer feel safe. Not to mention they’re now asking me to close more. And I’d really rather not be driving at night and possible hit a patch of black ice while driving at 70 mph.

I’ve already applied to a couple positions here in Muncie, IN so I’ll have far less of a drive. However, I’m also expanding to the surrounding cities for more available opportunities.

My fiance and I have been doing fabulous; we have a house! Renting, not buying though, as we aren’t sure we want to live (more permanently) in Muncie. But it’s in a quaint neighborhood super close to BSU campus. There’s so much space for both of us, and it’s wonderful to not have noisy neighbors. Plus, we have a backyard so we can still entertain while maintaining social distancing during these times. We went on a mini quarantine not long ago when BSU started in-person classes again; naturally, cases of Covid-19 skyrocketed. We’ve had some friends over, but only those we knew were taking safety seriously.

We also decided to postpone our wedding from August 2020 to April 2021. Early on in quarantine, we knew Covid was going to take its time. Even as people were optimistic that it would be over quickly, we saw otherwise. Rather than risk the healthy and safety of not only ourselves, but our families, our guests, and the staff at our venue, we chose to postpone. It was a surprisingly easy decision, and we’re so thankful we decided to early on. We had first pick of dates, so we chose April 18th (it’s the day after my mom’s birthday and also his mother’s birthday!). There was no fee for changing our date, and they gave us extensions on our payments. All our vendors have been paid off, so it’s fantastic that we have all the extra time. Next on the list in finishing the cupcake payments and putting money towards the honeymoon. DISNEYWORLD!

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much. I get up and run (crazy business, really), I work, I come home, have dinner with my fiance, we relax and watch a movie, and then we go to bed. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Nothing wrong with this, of course, but I do look forward to the day when things are better. I’m not sure everything will be “normal” anytime soon. Everyone talks about wanting things to be normal again; it’s hard not to flat-out say it won’t be. This virus is still affecting people. The election coming up is driving people bonkers. We are not living in a “normal” world and people get too caught up in their lives to think ahead or think safely. We need to adapt more, and I can only hope each day will be an improvement.

So I’ll keep living each day happy and knowing I’m blessed to have a family who supports me, a fiance who loves me, and friends who have my back. I hope you have the same!

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